Sunday, July 3, 2016

Week Four Daily Create: Signs of Suburbia

It is Sunday morning and I'm sitting in my armchair listening to  the roar of lawnmowers, a crying baby next door, and the incessant barking of the neighborhood dogs.  The noise is continual--and it is the cacophany which is suburbia on a weekend.

This is Daily Create #1636--create a hip acroname for your neighborhood.  So, this is difficult because to begin with, my neighborhood is not hip in any way, shape, or form.  I live on Rock Pond Way--a series of cookie cutter homes in a cookie cutter neighborhood where the moms pretend to practice yoga and stop off for $5 cups of coffee to kvetch about the neighborhood on their way home.  They drive mini-vans and store $500 strollers in their garages.  The kids wear Gymboree and Gap and the dads wear striped ties and blue blazers.  Creating a hip acronym for this neighborhood becomes a challenge because hip is not what we value or who we are.

So, I listen to all this noise this morning and realize, I cannot tell you a single name of a single person (or dog) who is a player in this neighborhood symphony of sound.--And, I think that's ok because my kids don't wear Gymboree and Gap; I brew my own coffee; I don't wear yoga pants or even pretend to practice yoga; I am an un-hip mama/grammy who wears faults and scars with more than a little humility and some pride.  I have the wisdom borne of marriage and motherhood--my doors are rarely locked and I still don't give a damn about being hip.  Though in this neighborhood of stepfords, I probably appear to be more bohemian than most.  

Oh...the irony that is Ro-Po.  

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