Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week Two Daily Create #1: The Highest of Highs and Lowest of Lows

This week, for an audio Daily Create, I chose to create an audio which reponded to this question "What does this song mean to me?"  As I looked at several of the posted responses, it occurred to me that most respondents were choosing music with lyrics.  I am an avid classical music listener and actually, aside from the occasional choral piece, tend to listen to chamber and symphonic music rather than more contemporary music.  For this reason I chose Edward Elgar's Nimrod Variation which is one of my favorites.

Isn't it glorious? At the same time, it evokes something so deeply sorrowful. This is a unique characteristic of music. In the same piece it can bring you to tears and great joy. Sometimes I experience those emotions simultaneously in the same piece of music.

For my daily create, I used a very simple technique.  I opened the Nimrod Variation from YouTube.  I played it at a very low volume on one screen.  Then, I opened Soundcloud and simply recorded my impressions directly to Soundcloud.  This gave the whole recording the impression that I may actually have been responding to an interview question or in a spontaneous rather than rehearsed way. I think it gives the recording an impromptu and informal quality which I actually like--in spite of the fact that I tend to fill space with an 'um.'  It seems more authentic than a scripted response.

My end product sounds like this:

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